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Monstrous Life

  • Ghosts: Mentally ill essence of the deceased
  • Elder Beasts (Heir of Domination)
  • The Givers of Dream-life (From Archumbrasss Secetesss)
  • Ice Horror
  • Moon wisps
  • Water Scorpions
  • Zombies
  • Black Knights
  • Fufellow
  • Thorn Ragers
  • The Embodiment of a Lie

Sentient Life

  • Dryads: Tree People
    • Bloodwood Dryads: Tree people that produce blood
    • Evergreen Dryad: Pine Tree People
    • Palm Dryads: Palm Tree people
  • Minor Vampires: Bloodsuckers that live for 20 years
  • Kovarns: Dog sloth lizards
  • Dwarves: Short stocky people
  • Hitobito Jemu: Winged Crystal People
  • Syvols: Kitty Bats
  • Tyrants: Dino-Centaurs with T-Rex Heads who can control plants
  • Sentient Zombies: Rotting people
  • Ogumo: Spider People
  • Merbold: Lizard mermaids
    • Octobold: Lizard Octopus
  • Moonforged: Metal and Stone People
  • Ratteschrei- rat people
  • Elves- Pale skinny people with pointy ears and little to no body hair

Magical Life

  • The Boog: One Eyed annoying idiots
    • The Snarts
    • Boggarts
  • Major Vampires
  • Druidic Vampires
  • Eternal Darkness Elemental
  • Eternal Darkness Dragon
  • Byk
  • Changelings

Fabled Life

  • Elder Beasts (Heir of Destruction)
    • Hydra
  • Leviathan (Defunct)
  • Archumbrasss Secetesss
  • Locust Swarm
  • Royal Vampire
  • Sori'klea
  • Grand Tyrant
  • Parasites of the divine
  • Scourge
  • Angels
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