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(Posting on forum after I get back from vacation)

Lords of Creation: The Bloody Experiment Campaign- Interest Check

So I'm thinking of creating a campaign that takes place in the Lord's of Creation: The Bloody Experiment, a game I am playing. It's a fun relaxed game, although due to its nature it isn't very linear and Role playing can be cut shprt.

So this is a campaign with me as DM involving several characters at a time period in the game. There are multiple settings I could choose, though I think I'll have it take place now, shortly after the moon crashed into the Earth because even though many major gods have died at this point, a lot of world building has happened.

I'll try my best to have it fit in continuity with the game, although if liberties are taken in order to make a better story then that will be okay.

Overall I will keep the structure of a D&D campaign, though most of it will be homebrew. Instead of classes you will put ranks into a mythical concept, or martial abilities. I'll make a list if spells you can use and how to use them.

Arcane Magic Druidic Magic Holy Magic Water Manipulation Greenforging Moonstone Technology

The Story is, you are a follower of one of the 4 members of the Nobles Pantheon, or one of the deceased members of the pantheon and are still loyal to the pantheon, or are ju still taging along with this quirky party. You have been comissioned to work together and help the world recover from this incident and any other that exits.


  • Solamet- LG
  • Valoth- NG
  • Gragathur- CN
  • Aeos- LN
  • Eirian- Deceased
  • Kaito Watanabe- Deceased


  • Sillthis
  • Tieviel
  • Valiea
  • Feign
  • Der