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VERY subject to change

Year Zero to Fifty

  • Nine gods are created from the blood: Blandar, Solamet, Eirian, Wan Zhi, Xue Lan, Tzarzhan, Zhao Tzu, Kaito Watanabe, and Valoth
  • Blandar creates the first continent, Scabold and the first life on the continent
  • Solamet Creates the sun
  • Eirian creates the second continent Verterra full of plants, as well as the first sentient beings, Dryads. A hero is born
  • Xue Lan curses everything to die. Solamet creates the afterlife.
  • Blandar and Wan duel with Zhao to have him be in their servitude. Zhao chooses Wan which enrages Blandar. Blandar secretly kills Zhao and Wan in jealousy

Year 100 to 120

  • Xue Lan lays waste to Verterra. Solamet counteracts this and she turns several souls into ghosts. Solamet fights Xue and restores order for the time being
  • Nobles are created
  • Braph is born and creates the boog one year after Solamet's fight.
  • Teivel is born and curses vampires to drink blood.
  • Bloodwood dryads are created, Dafeden is born.

Year 120 to 140

  • Clerics of Safety are formed
  • Acrometian Society is created
  • Boog are created
  • Solamet and Kaito create Holy Magic
  • Kizume is born
  • Xue Lan puts a zombie curse and dryad rot plague
  • Darkness Dragons start raping people
  • The Treeforge is created
  • The Levithan is smashed to bits and Leviathoids are created
  • Elemental Plane of Water is created
  • Merbold and Octobolds are created

Year 140 to 167

  • Kaneki is born
  • Rova Jitorr is born
  • Blandar's muder of Wan and Zhao is discovered and they resign from the Nobles. Blandar joins Sillthiss and Xue lan and the Circle of Friends is created.
  • Eirian gets lost forever in Nirvana
  • The Bone Carver kills Tzarzhan, and takes over Cavernpocked.
  • Feign is born and creates the Masked Cult.

Year 167: Moon Smashing

  • Sylvan Safehold is destroyed
  • Much of Acrometia is destroyed
  • After Valiea blows up the moon which kills Xue Lan and subsequently joins the Circle of Friends, there's a schism in the pantheon. Sillthiss, Teivel, and Valiea on one side, Xenocrates, Wymiatia, and Blandar on the other side. Xenocrates, Wymiatia, and Blandar are killed.
  • Gragathur joins the nobles
  • Moonstone technology is discovered
  • Druidic Vampires are created. Jalm II is born sometime before this.

Year 168

  • The Moonforged are created. Selena is born
  • The Red Leaf dissolves after Blandar's death
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