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Solamet was the second god created on the First World. He is a sun god who espouses the concepts of justice, harmony, and cooperation. He greatly cares for the inhabitants of the world and wants the gods to work together to make it a better place.


Shortly after being created, Solamet created the sun after seeing how dark the world was[1]. He later came into contact with Eirian, who appreciated that he created the sun since her plans could get energy from it and grow. He stated that he wished that the life on the planet could apreciate the sunlight, and Eirian created the first sentient as a response[2]. Solamet told Eirian that they should find more of their siblings to hopefully form an alliance.

Solamet went to Wan Zhi, and questioned him about his large blade, as well as Zhao's challenge, but Wan Zhi did not answer him[3].

After that Solamet felt Xue's curse, so he created a blessing that would allow everyone's souls to live forever in a new plane which he dubbed the Underworld[4]

He was later approached by Bluna who told him the light made the vampires feel uncomfortable, so he told her to create a cloud to block it over Scabold, which she did.

Solamet was interested in seeing Blandar/Bluna's creations so he/she allowed him to go into Scabold. On the way Solamet saw that Verterra was extremely icy and the world was getting colder. So he used a blessing to stabalize the weather again, and thus Weather became a domain of his[5].

Solamet headed to the vampires, who were very shy around him and afraid of his presence. He was nice to them and wanted to make them feel comfortable. But Xue came forth to the Black Fortress and called his name. Solamet went up to her and demanded if she was the one who massacred the majority of Verterra. Xue gleefully took credit and put a curse on the world to prevent souls from going into the afterlife and becoming ghosts. Solamet was angered and forced Xue into combat and won.

After is brawl with Xue, Solamet explained his philosophy to Kaito and Eirian, and they agreed to form an alliance to defend each other. Blandar/Bluna also joined the group, although its philosophy made Solamet uneasy.

Solamet then noticed that a ship on Acrometia crashed so he created a blessing that would make sailing safe if a prayer to him was said. After that he formed a society dedicated to helping others, called the 'Clerics of Safety'[6].

One year after Xue's defeat, Solamet organized a party in the Dwarven Kingdom and teh underworld. He got really drunk after having a beer for the first time, and used the divine energy to create a new deity called Brahp. Solamet liked how Brahp wanted to bring joy into the world[7].


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