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Societies and Organizations

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Society Name Creator RCR Holder Area Predominant Races Other Races Description
Vampires of the Black Fortress Blandar/Bluna AlexanderML Black Fortress, Scabold Major and Minor Vampries Bloodwood Dryads, Boogs City under the control of the Ruler of Blood
Kovarns of The Grove Valoth Diego Havoc Grove of Life, Verterra Kovarns Dryads, Bloodwood Dryads, Minor Vampires, Ogumo, Boogs Druid Mecca
Sylvan Safehold Eirian Nobody Great Bohdi, Verterra Dryads Kovarns, Bloodwood Vampires, Minor Vampires, Boogs Plants and stuff. Deestroyed in a tsunami
Dwarven Kingdom Tzarzhan Nobody Cavernpocked Dwarves Hitobo Jemu, Vampires, Boogs Lots of caves. Under control of Bone Carver now
Acrometia Society Kaito Zmeoaice Acrometia Hitobo Jemu Moonforged, Dwarves, Ogumo, Vampires, Moon Wisps, Water Scorpions, Boogs 3 nations associated with each other
Necrotopia Solamet Zmeoaice Celestial Citadel, Underworld Souls of the deceased More Souls Heaven
Archumbrasss Secetesss collective Sillthiss drack The Void Archumbrasss Secetesss Black Knights Dark
Syvol Cities Valoth Diego Havoc Sevalothia Syvols Ogumo Live in trees
The Armies of Tyrants Valoth Diego Havoc Sevalothia Tyrants Thorn Ragers, Grand Tyrant Meanies
Byk Collectives Grathngur ThreadNecro5 Sevalothia? Byk N/A Tough guys
Guardian Merbolds Valoth Diego Havoc Elemental Plane of Water Merbolds Octobolds, Leviathoids Underwater Cities
Elf Society Solamet Zmeoaice North Pole Elves Evergreen Dryads Village in the North
Ratteschrei Society Sillthiss drack Titan Plateau Ratteschrei Some Monsters Rat people society


Organization Name Creator RCR Holder Areas Description
Clerics of Safety Solamet Zmeoaice Acrometia, Verterra, Cavernpocked (Formerly) Group of helpful people proficient in Holy Magic, Water manipulation, and Sailing.
The Merit Movement Tzarzhan Nobody Cavernpocked Secret meetings with Tzarzhan
Circle of Firstborn Eirian Nobody Verterra People
Red Leaf Blandar/Bluna AlexanderML Verterra Vampries and Dryads
Holy Druids Solamet Zmeoaice Verterra Use Holy Magic and Druidic Magic
Masked Cult Feign AirApparent Cavernpocked, Acrometia, Verterra Illusionists and pranksters
Acrometia Navy Solamet Zmeoaice Acrometia Military strength
Sky Stadium Staff Thríamvos SeigeTower Sky Stadium Maintaining the Sky Stadium
Slave Masters Aeos Aeos Unknown Obeying Aeos
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