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Friday, 9-11-15 to Friday, 9-18-15


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  • Wan Zhi dies by mysterious circumstances
  • Solamet tells Eirian and Kaito that he wants to form an organization so that they can protect each other. They give each other's philosophy and agree to help each other when needed, but not to interfere with each other's affairs unless asked.[1]
  • The goddess Wymdiatia is born from energy created from the battle between Solamet and Xue Lan, which was incubated in s Dryad Pod. She creates the Wand of Harvest, and Sword of Plagues.[2]
  • Blandar/Bluna joins the pantheon and tries to be more close with Solamet[3]
  • Xue Lan is sick of this mushy stuff so she curses vampires to burn in the sun, and creates an Icy fortress on top of a mountain while singing "Let it Go". She then gains the fear domain[4]
  • Xenocrates creates the Elder Beasts, fabled life that looks like demons or dragons, and curses their creations to be under his control[5]
  • Boulröder creates the Leviatha, a giant monstrous lobster [6]



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