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Here's what they look like merged:

Deity Name Player Name Law-Order Alignment Good-Evil Alignment Order of Creation Divine Rank Infusions Number of Domains Domains Progenitor Status
Blandar/Bluna AlexanderML Neutral Evil 1 Lesser Deity 1/2 3 Life (Blood), Community (Deception), Blood (Magic) Creator Alive
Eirian tgva8889 Neutral Neutral 3 Lesser Deity 1/2 3 Life (Plants), Knowledge (Learning), Life (Dryads) Creator Alive
Kaito Watanabe neriractor Neutral Good 8 Demigod 0/2 3 Water (seas), Life (Nurturing), Travel (Sailing) Creator Alive
Magnar Eldamar Lawful Neutral 10 Demigod 0/2 2 Magic (Arcane), Air (Storms) Creator Alive
Solamet Zmeoaice Lawful Good 2 Demigod 0/2 3 Sun (light), Plant (Agriculture), Weather (Summer) Creator Alive
Tzarzhan Emperor Demonking Chaotic Neutral 6 Demigod 0/2 2 Travel (Discovery) and Earth (Caverns) Creator Alive
Valoth Diego Havoc Neutral Good 9 Demigod 1/2 3 Nature (Animals), Food (Hunting), Life (Korvans) Creator Alive
Wan Zhi Razade Lawful Evil 4 Demigod 1/2 2 Creation (Artifice), Fire (Forging) Creator Deceased
Xue Lan Phobia Chaotic Evil 5 Demigod 0/2 3 Death (Undeath), Winter (Ice), Fear (Terror) Creator Alive
Zhao Tsu Dark Lady Lawful Neutral 7 Demigod 0/2 2 Law (Honour), War (Martial Prowess) Creator Alive
Boulröder Hammerhead Neutral Evil 11 Demigod 1/2 2 Earth (Bedrock), Metal (Pure Metals) Wan Zhi Alive
Wymdiatia Burden King Lawful Neutral 13 Demigod 0/2 2 Fertility (Harvest), Life (Insects) Eirian (Solamet and Xue Lan) Alive
Xenocrates MetaKnightFan Neutral Evil 12 Demigod 1/2 2 Evil (Corruption), Trickery (Conspiracy) Blandar/Bluna Alive
Sillthiss drack Neutral Neutral 14 Demigod 1/2 2 Knowledge (Secrets), Shadows (The Other) Tzarzhan Alive
Brahp ImNotTrevor Chaotic Neutral 15 Demigod 0/2 2 Entertainment (Alcoholic Beverages), Chaos (Revelry) Solamet Alive
Teivel niw18 Chaotic Evil 16 Demigod 0/2 2 creation (eternal darkness), darkness (night) Sillthiss Alive
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