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First Generation

Deity Name Player Name Law-Order Alignment Good-Evil Alignment Order of Creation Divine Rank Infusions Number of Domains Domains Pantheon Status
Blandar/Bluna AlexanderML Neutral Evil 1 Intermediate Deity 1/3 6 Life (Blood), Community (Deception), Blood (Magic), Vampire (Pleasure), Vampire (Love), Life (Vampire)) Circle of Friends Deceased
Solamet Zmeoaice Lawful Good 2 Greater Deity 3/5 9 Sun (light), Plant (Agriculture), Weather (Summer), Repose (Afterlife), Magic (Holy), Planes (Underworld), Protection (Safety), Community (Prayer), Creation (Seaforge) Nobles (L) Alive
Eirian tgva8889 Neutral Neutral 3 Lesser Deity 1/3 3 Life (Dryads), Divinity (Enlightenment), Enlightenment (Purity), Life (Plants), Knowledge (Learning) None Deceased
Wan Zhi Razade Lawful Evil 4 Demigod 1/2 2 Creation (Artifice), Fire (Forging) None Deceased
Xue Lan Phobia Chaotic Evil 5 Lesser Deity 1/3 4 Death (Undeath), Winter (Ice), Fear (Terror), Creations (Horror) None Deceased
Tzarzhan Emperor Demonking Chaotic Neutral 6 Demigod 1/2 2 Travel (Discovery) and Earth (Caverns) None Deceased
Zhao Tsu Dark Lady Lawful Neutral 7 Demigod 0/2 2 Law (Honour), War (Martial Prowess) None Deceased
Kaito Watanabe neriractor Neutral Good 8 Demigod 0/2 4 Water (seas), Life (Nurturing), Travel (Sailing), elements(water) None Deceased
Valoth Diego Havoc Neutral Good 9 Intermediate Deity 2/4 6 Nature (Animals), Food (Hunting), Life (Korvans), Magic (Druidic), Mind (Intelligence), Life (Tyrants), Life (Syvols), Technology (Moonstone) Nobles Alive
Magnar Eldamar Lawful Neutral 10 Demigod 0/2 2 Magic (Arcane), Air (Storms) None Deceased

Second Generation

Deity Name Player Name Law-Order Alignment Good-Evil Alignment Order of Creation Divine Rank Infusions Number of Domains Domains Progenitor Pantheon Status
Boulröder Hammerhead Neutral Evil 11 Demigod 1/2 2 Earth (Bedrock), Metal (Pure Metals) Wan Zhi None Deceased
Xenocrates MetaKnightFan Neutral Evil 12 Demigod 1/2 3 Evil (Corruption), Trickery (Conspiracy), Demonic (Monsters) Blandar/Bluna None Deceased
Wymdiatia Burden King Lawful Neutral 13 Demigod 1/2 2 Fertility (Harvest), Life (Insects) Eirian (Solamet and Xue Lan) None Deceased
Sillthiss drack Neutral Neutral 14 Greater Deity 5/5 10 Knowledge (Secrets), Shadows (Planes), Planes (Void), Darkness (Shadows), Shadows (Safety), Secrets (Hidden), Divinity (essence), Parasites (the unseen), Artistry (Penumbral), Shade (sun), Scale (size), Secret (stone), Shadow (Ichor), Shadow (mist) Tzarzhan Circle of Friends (L) Alive
Brahp ImNotTrevor Chaotic Neutral 15 Demigod 0/2 3 Entertainment (Alcoholic Beverages), Chaos (Revelry), Chaos(Gluttony) Solamet None Deceased
Teivel niw18 Chaotic Evil 16 Lesser Deity 0/3 5 creation (eternal darkness), darkness (night), creation (Darkness), creation (dragon), evil (madness), evil (destruction), evil (entropy) Sillthiss Circle of Friends Alive
Grathngur ThreadNecro5 Chaotic Neutral 17 Lesser Deity 1/3 4 Hunting (Predation), Creation (Beasts), Weather (Portents), Mind (Willpower) Valoth Nobles Alive
Feign AirApparent Chaotic Good 18 Demigod 1/2 3 Mind (Self), Trickery(Disguise) Sillthiss None Alive
Valiea YellowCrunchy Chaotic Evil 19 Demigod 0/2 3 Pain (Torture), Pleasure (Sex), Chaos (Destruction) Blandar/Bluna and Xue Lan None Alive
Aeos Holy-hunter Lawful Neutral 20 Demigod 0/2 2 Slaves (Labour) War (conscript) Solamet Nobles Alive
Thríamvos SiegeTower Lawful Neutral 21 Demigod 1/2 2 Competition (Contests), Honours (Prizes) Solamet None Alive
Der Alfa Neutral Evil 22 Demigod 0/2 2 Force (Anti-Magic), Life (Death), Death (Decay) Sillthiss Circle of Friends Alive
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