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Monday, 9-7-15 to Friday, 9-11-15


Page One

  • Blandar/Bluna is the first god who is created and creates a large bloody continent called the Scabold, which is mostly black and in the shape of a heart. The life here feed off blood.[1]
  • Solamet is created next and creates an artifact called the Sun, which shines light onto the world[2]
  • Eirian is the third created from a flower and was unhappy with the color red everywhere. She created a continent called Vertarra which is green and tropical and spiral shaped. The plants use the sun to survive.[3]
  • Wan Zhi is the fourth created and creates Quing'Lo the Great Forge, an anvil, and Yaun'Shuu the Breath Stealer, a sword.[4]
  • Solamet sees Eirian's creations and is fascinated by them. He convinces her to create sentient life, and to seek other gods that are out there.[5]
  • Xue Lan is the fifth created and is in extreme pain, and wants to spread it to the world. She puts a curse that all living beings must eventually die.[6]
  • Blandar/Bluna is bored of the non-sentient life so he creates Minor Vampires, infuses the center of the continent which allow shim to control the blood flow, and creates Blood Magic, which is a way of worshiping him.[7]
  • Tzarzhan is the sixth created and creates a continent full of caves and mountains.[8]
  • Zhao Tzu is the seventh created and creates a chain of mountains on Scabold and sends a challenge to fight him. The winner shall be his master.[9]
  • Eirian raises the hero Goleuedig, infuses him to be an exarch, and alters the land to create a fortified enclosure for the Dryads.[10]
  • Solamet tries to contact Wan, but doesn't receive an answer.
  • Both Wan and Blandar/Bluna take Zhao's challenge
  • Kaito Watanabe is the eighth created, and was saddened that his creator abandonded him. He created a large chain of Islands known as Acrometia[11].
  • Valoth is the ninth created, and came in the form of a stag. He created a race of beastly creatures, and showed them agriculture and hunting[12]
  • Magnar was the tenth created, and last of the original Children of the Blood. He created great maelstroms and brought weather and arcane magic to the First World[13]
  • Solamet felt Xue's curse for all life to eventually die, so he blessed that their souls would live forever, and created a plane for them to go to rest[14]
  • Tzarshan was lonely so he creates Dwarves[15]
  • Wan Zhi fights Zhao first, so Blandar/Bluna goes up to Solamet to ask him to dim the sun a bit. Solamet suggests that Bluna creates a cloud to shield his continent from the sun, and Bluna does so.[16] Solamet asks to visit the First drop and Bluna allows him to.
  • Kaito sees the dwarves and shows them shipbuilding. He then comes in contact with Tzarzhan. [17] Kaito is interested to how Tzarzhan could create life and wanted to do so himself.

Page 2

  • Xue Lan creates the Staff of Absolute Zero and the Frozen Heart. She then curses the world to go into an eternal winter and lays waste to Verterra killing much of its life.[18]
  • Wan Zhi wins the fight against Zhao, but Blandar/Bluna also gets a chance
  • Solamet notices Verterra is a frozen wasteland and the world is getting colder. He puts a blessing on the world to undo this and goes to the Black Fortress.[19]
  • Goleuedig cries for his mommy because it's cold. And she tells him to adapt.[20]
  • The Vampires are introduced to Solamet, but are frightened of his appearance. They think he's nice though. [21]
  • Blandar/Bluna does defeat Zhao in battle, but Zhao hears their philosophies first. After consideration he chooses Wan Zhi[22]

Page 3

  • Tzarzhan is inspired by the gem creatures and creates Divination Crystals. [24]
  • Valoth creates Druidic magic in response to the harsh winter. [25]
  • Xue Lan is furious that Solamet removed her curse of winter and created the afterlives for souls.[26] She goes to Scabold and calls his name. Solamet ends his conversation with the vampires and asks her if she was the one who caused eternal winter.
  • Kaito moves the gem people to Acrometia and teaches them sailing, allowing them to use their boats better. He then goes to the Black Fortress to meet his siblings[27]
  • Xue Lan admits her guilt and sends a curse to prevent people from going to theri afterlives and turning them into ghosts[28]. This greatly offends Blandar/Bluna, Eirian, and Solamet. Xue Lan runs away but Solamet is not finished with her, and goes after her.[29]
  • Kaito creates a sword to aid Solamet in the upcoming battle[30]
  • Wan Zhi tries to make a new creation, but it breaks. One of the pieces falls into a volcano and creates the god Boulröder. He turns all the blood ocean into seawater, creates the Shard which can alter land and gives it to Blandar/Bluna, and then raises a massive continent. [31]
  • Solamet wins the battle with Xue Lan, and the souls are returned to their resting place.[32]

Page 4

  • Blandar/Bluna uses magic to create a new god, Xenocrates[33]



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