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Deviations and Fill-ins

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  • Magnar never existed (dude only had one post) and Tzarzhan created Arcane Magic
  • Blandar killed both Wan Zhi and Zhao Tzu out of Jealousy (IIRC Xue said she killed Wan, but it's more fitting for Blandar to do so)
    • Blandar leaves the Nobles his crimes come to light to the leaders under pressure.
  • Rat People and Merbolds are created earlier.
  • Brahp is still alive. becuz hez brahp.
  • Kaito Watanabe does not die either.
  • Wymdiatia and Xenocrates join the Circle of Friends
  • There is a fight that ends with Tzarzhan dying
  • Grathngur has a hand in creating the Tyrants and is primarily worshiped by the Tyrants
  • After Valiea kills Xue Lan and joins the Circle of Friends, there's a schism. Sillthiss, Teivel, and Valiea on one side, Xenocrates, Wymiatia, and Blandar on the other side. Xenocrates, Wymiatia, and Blandar are killed.
  • Grathngur does not join the Nobles until after the moon is destroyed.

Other stuff

  • Brahp and Feign join the Nobles
  • Humans are created sometime either on Cavernpocked or Acrometia.
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