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The Ruler of Blood
Deity Rank Demigod
Gender Male and Female
Alignment Neutral Evil
Domains Life (Blood), Community (Deception), Blood (Magic)
Infusions First Drop
Progenitor Creator

Blandar/Bluna is a deity. He/She was the first god created in the drop of blood and usually takes the form of either a humanoid male (Blandar), or a female figure made out of blood (Bluna). However there are other forms he/she can take.


His/her first action was to create a large continent called Scabold, which is filled with life that relies on blood to survive[1]. While the god enjoyed the creations, he/she wanted to create sentient life, so she infused the land, allowing her to temprorily alter it without expenditure and created vampires and Blood Magic[2]. Shortly after he/she heard Zhao Tsu's call to fight him. Blandar wanted the war god to serve him so he got ready for battle. However Wan Zhi came there first and would challenge Zhao before Blandar. Blandar decided to avoid interfering, so turned into Bluna and met Solamet

The light from the sun was causing Bluna's "pretties" discomfort so she told Solamet to turn it down. Solamet convinced her to use a blanket of cloud to dim the light of Scabold, so she did so[3]. Solamet asked to visit Bluna's abode, and she gave him permission. She later left to go fight Zhao, as Wan Zhi was finished.

Blandar bickered with Wan Zhi, but eventually got to fight Zhao, and beat him in battle[4]. However as Zhao could only choose one person to follow, he decided to listen to their philosophies. Wan Zhi appealed to Zhao much more and this angered Blandar. Eirian came to Blandar, and he greeted her shortly after[5]. The two talked, and Eiridan expressed interest in his creations. They were interrupted by Xue Lan, who had a grudge against Solamet for undoing her curses. Bluna was offended that Xue would insult one of her guests, as well as threatening to harm his creations[6]. In his rage against Xue, he went to another room and felt like strangling someone. She then noticed a shardin a pool of blood. Bluna gave life to this shard and created the new god, Xenocrates[7][8].


Blandar/Bluna came from the blood and thus believes that blood is necessary for life to grow and encourages spilling blood to make one stronger. He/she also believes that suffering can make one stronger, and teaches his/her vampires this philosophy[9].


  • First Drop- the first drop is the center of Scabold. By infusing it he/she can control the flow of blood to the rest of the continent

Relationships with other Gods


Blandar/Bluna seems to have some sort of respect for Solamet, and allowed him to come over to his abode and meet his creations. He was offended when Xue insulted Solamet in his house, though demanded that Solamet not finish her off and fight another day.

Blandar/Bluna had joined the pantheon that Solamet had joined, though the philosophical clashes that come between them has made some tension show itself. Blandar/Bluna has talked to Solomet in hopes of getting those straightened out.


Eirian is perhaps the closest deity of the original ten towards Blandar/Bluna. She finds his/her bloody creations to be fascinating and they have spoke amicable.

Wan Zhi

Blandar/Bluna feels bitter towards Wan Zhi as he beat him in becoming the leader of Zhao Tsu. He/she has no strong animosity, but spoke sternly and harshly towards Wan and Zhao after Zhao announced the victor.

Xue Lan

Blander/Bluna has shown to despised Xue Lan shortly after they met. He/She was insulted that Xue would interrupt him in his own house and insult his/her guests. Though it has been stated by Blandar/Bluna openly that if Xue Lan had talked to it as to the time to release the curses (when the other gods were gone) then Blandar/Bluna would not have been insulted.

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